Chromosomal Mating™

The science of genetics, the art of mating

Livestock genetics leader and innovator STgenetics® today launched a new mating software that will revolutionize the genetics market.  Electronic mating programs are required to organize and provide information for breeders to specify future progeny performance in their herd. This concept led to the development of Chromosomal Mating™ by STgenetics®. Following the blueprints published by leading scientists in the field (Sun et. al., 2013), we have reduced the science into practice.

Chromosomal Mating™ has three main components: 1. Linear Matings, 2. Pedigree-based Matings and 3. Genomic Matings. Each mating type has an easy to use interface with the backbone of solid science running in the background to give farmers the best gain in the direction that is important for their program. The result is a traceable progress mating after mating toward a long-lasting productive herd.

Linear Mating is supported by an easy to use app developed by STgenetics® engineers to help farmers score their animals and provide real-time data for optimization of their matings to achieve the required animal type.

Over the years, STgenetics® scientists have built a comprehensive database that incorporates pedigree and genomics on an extensive number of animals. Pedigree Mating takes advantage of this vast database to estimate expected progeny performance based on parent averages.

To take full advantage of the genetic potential of a herd, STgenetics® incorporated Genomic Mating as part of the new mating program. Chromosomal Mating™ is designed to optimize the use and dissemination of the best genes in the new generation.

Chromosomal Mating™ also encompasses other key factors such as • preventing homozygous lethal alleles in the new generation  • maximizing genomic breeding values (GEBV) in the offspring   • managing expected future inbreeding  • controlling number of mates for each bull  • utilizing flexible selection objectives  • providing the best economic results considering both additive genetics and inbreeding at once.  

For more information about Chromosomal Mating, talk with your local STgenetics® representative or contact the company’s Dairy Call Center at (844) 828-7849 or International customers can call (920) 921-5850 or email

Chromosomal Mating™ the science of genetics, the art of mating.


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